Monitoring WordPress pending updates

Secure your WordPress with daily malware scans

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The main reason to keep your WordPress site up to date is Security. Updates solve mainly security issues, so every time you miss an update, you are leaving security gaps open for hackers.

All your WordPress sites with pending updates at a glance

To make it easy for you to identify sites with pending updates, your Wetopi Panel shows in various places the well known red rounded Pending Updates number:

List of WordPress sites with 
pending updates.
Each site and shows the red circled number indicating the amount of WordPress pending updates.

Get details about WordPress pending updates

In your sites page, each server also shows the WordPress pending updates. You can click over the red updates circle to get the details:

WordPress pending updates icon

Wetopi will open a window with the details about your WordPress site pending updates:

WordPress pending updates detailed list

Get email notifications when many pending updates

In case your WordPress site has many pending security updates, our daily alerting system will notify you by email:

email notification when WordPress has many pending updates

As shown in the email screenshot, in case you need help to update your site you can buy one of our WordPress Tasks Services.

Don’t leave the keys in your front door

WordPress pending updates is like  leaving the keys on your front door
To have pending security updates is making it public that you are leaving the door open to malware.

When you do not update your WordPress Core files, Plugins, or Theme, you create a security risk because it then becomes vulnerable to public threats and attacks. It’s like leaving the keys in your front door!

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