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Backups are a form of preventive security measure and our last defense against any data loss, misconfiguration, or malware infection.

That’s why it’s considered one of the core features at Wetopi.

Today, having a backup strategy is considered a requirement. If you’re wondering why, refer to our previous post where we delve into the reasons behind The Need of a Good Backup Strategy.

The 6 Backup Strategy “Must Haves” you get at Wetopi

  1. Automatic backups from the start, no setup or installation needed.
  2. In-house instant snapshot. Snap backups are attached to your storage. They are incredibly fast allowing you to recreate a copy of your server in seconds.
  3. Non intrusive: backups are created on external servers to ensure your website remains fast and responsive, avoiding slowdowns by not consuming your server’s resources.
  4. Off-house backup copy: a copy of all in-house backups is transferred to Amazon S3.
  5. Backup encryption: encrypted both in transit and at rest to protect sensitive information.
  6. Backup preview: easily restore backups to a new server for review. If satisfied, deploy to production with just one click.

The 3 Backup extra features you’ll love

  1. Restore a backup with a simple click,
  2. Preview it on a Staging Server to avoid disrupting the production site. If you’re satisfied, a single click will promote it to production.
  3. Instant one-click additional backups. Secure your work anytime you need, unlimited times, in just seconds.

The Wetopi backup cycle

When you request a backup of your site, we first create a quick snapshot to capture its current state. But before we do that, we make sure to get a clean copy of your database. We achieve this by exporting its content using a tool called mysqldump.

After the snapshot is taken, your server is no longer occupied with this task and can fully concentrate on keeping your website up and running smoothly.

But the backup process doesn’t stop here. Now in the background, the new backup system takes your recent snap, creates a volume from this snap, and makes a new incremental.

However, the backup process continues. In the next step, which happens behind the scenes, our in-house backup systems uses the snapshot to create a new storage volume and with it creates the incremental backup.

Once the incremental backup is ready, a copy is synchronized to the external “off-house” storage (Amazon S3) for extra safety.

We also preserve the local “in-house” incremental backup. When you request a backup restore, our local storage is always faster than the remote Amazon S3.

Backup Retention and Snapshot cleanup

We keep both automatic and manually created backups for at least 15 days.

To help prevent extra costs associated with increased disk storage usage, we maintain only the most recent snapshot.

However, if you need to keep a specific snapshot, here’s what you can do: protect your snap

Preserve content with Protected Snapshots

One of the most frequently requested features for backups is the capability to selectively preserve certain backups.

With our snapshot backup system, you have the option to “protect” individual snapshots, preventing them from being deleted.

WordPress fast backups list

Based on this, when the backup rotation cycle arrives at your protected snap, the cleanup system will respect and preserve it.

Download backups to preserve data

Downloading backups enables extended retention cycles, ensuring recovery in long-term data loss scenarios.

This strategy not only boosts security but also offers a cost-effective alternative, reducing expenses while ensuring data remains accessible, even amidst cyber threats.


Having a solid backup strategy is essential to protect your website from data loss, misconfigurations, and malware infections. At Wetopi, we offer a comprehensive solution that includes automatic backups, internal snapshots, external backups, data encryption, and options to easily preview and restore backups.

Furthermore, our ability to preserve protected snapshots ensures that your most important data is always secure.

With our additional features and well-designed backup cycle, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is protected and accessible at all times.

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