10$ 10.73/mo

Live + 2 running clones

7.20$ 7.73/mo

0.01$ 0.011/h

5K visits
1GB Raid-SSD


20$ 21.47/mo

Live + 2 running clones

14.40$ 15.46/mo

0.02$ 0.021/h

20K visits
5GB Raid-SSD


50$ 53.67/mo

Live + 2 running clones

36.00$ 38.64/mo

0.050$ 0.054/h

35K visits
10GB Raid-SSD


126$ 135.25/mo

Live + 2 running clones

90.00$ 96.61/mo

0.125$ 0.134/h

70K visits
15GB Raid-SSD

All plans include Free Https with automated SSL/TLS Certificates of Let’s Encrypt — Free site migration — WordPress Expert Support

Start free trial - No credit card required

Pricing & Billing FAQ

How much do I pay every time I create a clone of a WordPress?

The minimum you pay for a clone is 1 hour of usage. Spinning up a new WordPress clone just to test something for a couple of minutes will only cost you €0.02$0.021
If you have subscribed a plan, your subscription covers all the expenses of your 3 site clones.

How am I billed?

If you don’t have a subscription, each clone is billed per hour.
Your Wetopi credit is updated on a daily basis and also reflects the charges each time you kill a clone.

Am I charged when I enter a credit card?

No — when you enter a card, we only verify the card. Your card is charged when you manually add credit or at the end of the billing cycle if you subscribe a plan.

What does the color red of my wallet mean on the billing page?

When the credit amount of your wallet shows up in red surrounded by parenthesis, e.g. (€13.45$14.44) this is a negative credit. This is an amount you owe to Wetopi.

Am I charged while my clone is stopped?

Yes — Stopped WordPress are charged at a lower price: €0.01$0.011/h/wp. Your disk space, RAM, CPU, are all reserved while your clone is stopped. If you want to save a clone for future use, make a backup of it and then destroy it. You’ll be able to create a new clone from the backup anytime to bring it back online.

Does my credit expire?

No — Wetopi credit remains on your account until you use it so long as you keep your account active.

Do I need to have credit when subscribing a plan?

Yes — Subscription plans are in fact an automated and cyclical way to add credit to your wallet. When you subscribe a plan, the amount you subscribe is charged from your Wetopi wallet. If your wallet is empty, Wetopi charges your card adding money to recharge your wallet. At that right moment is starting your billing cycle. Also, subscription plans protect your wallet so you can not consume the amount of credit your production clone needs to run continuously. Subscription plans are the easiest way to be charged a fixed monthly amount.

How are billed my clones with Subscription plans?

Subscription plans do not modify the hourly pricing, so all clones are billed hourly. If your WordPress machines consume the Subscribed amount, nothing happens. You won’t be charged for the extra time. If you don’t consume all your Subscribed amount, the remaining credit goes to your Wetopi wallet.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.