We want to help WordPress professionals by delivering the best platform for website creation

Wetopi was founded in 2015 by two average guys, all friends, techies, and professional web developers, with the simple mission to help make web development make more sense.

We’d been developing maintaining and hosting  WordPress for clients since 2008. As we gained more clients and developed more and more projects, the constant website and server maintenance started to take its toll on us. We wished there was a way to make our experience more efficient, more secure, and less time consuming.

That’s why we were so excited when, in, Docker started shaking the world of web development with exciting new solutions for container management that made things easier and faster.

Our “aha” moment came when we decided to standardize all WordPress management tasks  taking advantage of the virtualization, security, and smart management of Docker containers.

It’s just common sense.

Wetopi was created to solve the most common problems facing web developers working on WordPress to make their experience the best it can be.

Explore how Wetopi can specialize your WordPress experience to fit your needs on your budget!

We love WordPress and the innovative and creative people who use and work on its platform. That’s what drives us to make Wetopi a better experience for web developers everywhere.


Anand, Carlos, Fernando and  Joan are a team of with a fancy picture. We might be Wetopi’s co-founders, but we know that we couldn’t do it without the rest of our team of really smart people.

We love remote work and, while that means that we may not be all together in the same office, we’re connected through our love of self-empowerment, working smart, and creating a product we can believe in.

We are also connected by our passion for web hosting, WordPress, and ice cream.

Want to learn more about our free services, our features or prices, or anything else? We’d love to hear from you on our contact us page.

Our Mission thing!

We want to provide to professionals, designers and agencies, the best WordPress experience in the World.


Wetopi is a trademark operated by Inte, an organization incorporated in 1998 in Barcelona identified as:
Inte, implantación de nuevas técnicas empresariales S.L.
N.I.F. B61386777

Business Official Registration Bureau at Barcelona, Book 29858, Page 0073, Leave 163237 Insc. 1st

Dun & Bradstreet – D-U-N-S Number: 564329605


2015 – 1Q ⁓ 2Q

Wetopi gets founded

First MVP service launched

Private customer group goes production

Service under model validation cycle

2015 – 3T

Wetopi goes production

Wetopi goes production with its 1st WordPress dockerized infrastructure.

First Pay-Per-Use Price model on WordPress hosting market.

Customer discovery goes top priority.

2015 – 4Q

Wetopi gets co-founded

System engineer Carlos Portillo joins as co-founder.

Local market expansion.

2016 – 1Q ⁓ 4Q

Infrastructure development

Wetopi new scalable infrastructure under development.

Assembling core team.

Fixed Plan pricing model introduced.

2017 – 1Q ⁓ 3Q

Self-Healing Scalable infrastructure

Infrastructure team foundation.

Wetopi Scalable and Self-Healing infrastructure validation.

Wetopi services development.

Searching for Language Market Fit.

2017 – 4Q

Infrastructure announcement

Wetopi Scalable and Self-Healing infrastructure available to all customers.

Marketing team foundation.


Searching for Market Fit

Mastering Marketing.

Iterating Product.


Growth basis

Market Fit.

Scaling basis foundation.

Expanding data-center infrastructure to new continents.

Thanks to all of you for making WordPress such a special community

As providers of managed services for WordPress we are proud to form part of this amazing community. It has given us a lot – friends, support, love, inspiration.

We wish WordPress community the best!