Photograph of a forest. Taking care of nature is part of our principles

Our Principles

We want to show the World that
it is possible to do Hosting giving a Good Service,
with a Fair Price and No Lying.

We expose our principles here clearly and concisely,
so that we do not forget how we do things and therefore how we are.


At Wetopi we do not like “small print”.

We try to explain everything as clearly as possible. We save your time and ours.


We like to be honest and not lying.

If we make a mistake, we acknowledge it.

If a smaller plan suits you, we won’t sell you a more expensive plan.

Fair price

We allocate the amount you pay in servers and in having a team of qualified people with a fair salary.

We do not like financial engineering and we are happy contributing to the common welfare.


We help you change.

You can change or cancel your plan whenever you need to, and without losing money.

No commitments or permanence.


At Wetopi, it is a priority that our way of living and working brings us closer to a more equitable, fair and sustainable world.


If despite all the precautions we take, a problem occurs or we make a mistake, we take responsibility immediately.

Improve in Security, Performance & Support

Jumping from a Shared Hosting to a
Specialized Managed WordPress Hosting with Principles