PHP7 WordPress compatibility

Goal: Test the PHP7 compatibility of your WordPress Site without troubling production.

Resources: 1 minute of your time + 1 wetopi server. (sign up and get your free development server)

The new PHP 7 revealed a huge impact on performance.
And as we know, more speed, and less memory used means our WordPress site will be able to accept more customers!

You can check our post WordPress screams on PHP7  … our test result was impressive!

But Wait!!!
PHP7 is not fully backward compatible with all the ecosystem of plugins and themes!!! you must check first your own setup.

Testing the compatibility of WordPress theme and plugins.

NOTE: If you don’t have a copy of your site in wetopi, sign-up and request a FREE migration (no commitments, no credit card).

  1. Login to your Wetopi and go to your site page.
  2. Clone your site.
    Clone your site to test your PHP7 WordPress compatibility
  3. Switch from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 in 1-click:
    Switch to PHP 7 in 1-click to test your PHP7 WordPress compatibility
  4. Your turn!
    Test each and every plugin or theme feature.

See how we cloned our wetopi.com production site and switched to PHP7 in less than 60 seconds:


PHP 7 first release was in Dec 2015 so lets say its time to adopt it in our production site. But be careful

Start testing the compatibility of your WordPress theme and plugins as soon as possible. Running PHP7 Your WordPress site will be fast, use less memory and will be able to accept more customers!

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Joan VegaPHP7 WordPress compatibility
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