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foto de familia de la WordCamp Torrelodones 2024

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On March 23rd and 24th, the second edition of the WordCamp Torrelodones was celebrated in the Sierra de Madrid.

Once again led by Ana Cirujano, the program of this WordCamp was strong, with big names and topics for all levels: SEO, web accessibility, design, development, UX… 25 presentations to learn, get the most out of WordPress, adapt to new uses, and have references.

A WordCamp is a WordPress event aimed at gathering all professionals, enthusiasts, and users of WordPress, offering presentations on various topics and providing an environment for networking.

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A WordCamp broadcasted live

If we think that everyone involved in a WordCamp is a volunteer, managing to broadcast it live is thanks to the wonderful involvement of the Community with WordPress.

All the team of organizers and volunteers work many hours and dedicate a lot of effort to make it possible to hold a WordCamp.

The team of volunteers in Torrelodones not only managed to broadcast live, but the photos to Flickr, as well as the videos of the presentations to WordPress.tv, were uploaded in record time.

If you can follow it live, does it make sense to travel and pay for a ticket?

Well, it depends on your goals….

If what you want is simply to hear the presentations, both watching them live and later from wordpress.tv could be enough.

If what you want is to double or triple the benefits of networking, discuss with people from your sector about that presentation, continue the debate outside the room, and who knows what more, then your ticket will be a minimal investment, because that’s where the value of attending lies.

Networking en la WordCamp Torrelodones 2024
photo Nilo Vélez

Some companies would be willing to pay a lot of money for some of the professionals attending as speakers to do so in their facilities and would charge more to the attendees. Think about seizing the moment.

Carpe diem.

We may not be very aware of what is being offered, and one day (hopefully never) it may no longer be like this.

A very unserious community

In another environment, presenting in such a manner at a presentation could be a topic of intense debate. But when it comes to creating interest and waking you up from the post-lunch drowsiness, these people know very well how to do it.

For a reason, they are great professionals.

Wajari Velasquez en la WordCamp Torrelodones 2024
Wajari Velásquez speaking at the audience at WordCamp Torrelodones. Photo Fede Padilla

The speakers make a great effort to ensure their talks are accessible to all types of people. They make them understandable, practical, interesting, fun, or participative.

They always reserve 10 minutes for questions from the audience. If you attend one, don’t be shy and take the opportunity

Close to 250 attendees

Which is no small feat. And all are very directly related to WordPress in different aspects: SEO, Copywriting, design, social media, security, web performance, UX and UI…. can you imagine all that you can access by attending?

Ana Cirujano speaking to the audience at WordCamp Torrelodones 2024
Photo Nilo Velez

In a WordCamp, more important than the sale of tickets, is that all those people actually attend. At the WordCamp Torrelodones 2024 this ratio was 93%,

Why sponsor a WordCamp?

The sponsorship of a WordCamp is what makes it possible. The venues, catering, equipment rental… are expenses that are covered, among other contributions, through sponsors.

In return, you get direct visibility to your target audience, but it’s also a way to collaborate with the CMS that has allowed you to create your business. Think, where would you be without WordPress?

If you only take and don’t give back, it’s not sustainable.

Wetopi and Sirvelia, sponsors of WordCamp Torrelodones 2024
Photo Fede Padilla

If you live off WordPress in one way or another, consider sponsoring a WordPress event to the extent that you can. The organizers make an effort to provide sponsorships for all budgets. Be creative, and if you go, don’t just bring your stand; talk, discuss with others, debate all the issues that come your way.

You’ll have plenty of time to be in your office.

Sponsorship and merchandising table of Wetopi at WordCamp Torrelodones 2023
Photo Fede Padilla

Does the future of WordCamps lie in specialization?

Photo Nilo Vélez

It’s a question that came up at the After-Party.

It was already discussed in the State of the Word 2023. “Nextgen” it was called and was a proposal from WordPress to not repeat WordCamp patterns and to evolve. This call seeks to innovate and energize the Community.

Some of the ideas that emerged while chatting at the After-Party as a WordCamp format were:

  • Thematic WordCamps
  • WordCamps dedicated solely to contributing to WordPress
  • Itinerant WordCamps
  • Biannual WordCamps.
  • Hackathons, etc.

What do you think, what other types of events could be framed within a WordCamp?


The WordCamp Torrelodones 2024 stood out for offering almost ten hours of valuable content for WordPress lovers and professionals.

The live broadcast of the event demonstrated the commitment and dedication of the community towards WordPress, making the experience accessible to those who couldn’t physically attend.

The quality of the speakers and the diversity of topics attracted close to 250 attendees, all related in some way to WordPress.

In summary, WordCamp Torrelodones was a success that underscored the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous evolution within the WordPress ecosystem.

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