Our technology

Speed on a reliable Auto Healing infrastructure

The Original WordPress

No constraints, No limitations, No surprises

Each WordPress with its own Nginx
Dedicated php-fpm7 workers
and Dynamic APC Cache

Php-fpm + nginx
All services tuned to maximize WordPress speed.

WordPress Specialized Hosting with the Original WordPress

A panel built specifically
to work with WordPress


Our lightweight Angular frontend backed by an ultrafast Nodejs API

The perfect tandem to grow without compromising speed.

All WordPress services orchestrated
in a Docker cluster


Each WordPress runs on its own VPS-like machine
ensuring its own resources that no one can bog down.

WordPress Specialized Hosting with Docker

WordPress Specialized Hosting with http2 protocol

HTTP/2 enabled servers

HTTP/2 is the newest network protocol, which significantly speeds up loading of websites in the browser.

To allow anyone take advantage of this great protocol we provide Let’s Encrypt free SSL Certificates you can use with a single mouse click.

Zero config install, No extra plugins, No more manual URL updates in WordPress contents. 

SSD Storage that Scales

WordPress files and databases are stored on cutting-edge Solid-State-Drive Ceph infrastructure. A distributed storage designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability.

All our data is replicated 3 times and served with our own driver to get the most out of SSD

SSD provide for a 1000x increase in input/output as compared to regular drives.

WordPress Specialized Hosting with SSD storage

Towards Data Science

Our fluentd sends each and every WordPress service event to our Elasticsearch cluster.
Kibana, the tool to visualize data, allows our systems to predict and take intelligent decisions.

We can take better decisions:
from alerting, error detection, to security protection.

Dynamic Security

We have developed our own security service: Bunker Guard.

Bunker Guard witness traffic across our entire network of customers and those learnings are inherited automatically by all of our customers.

Thanks to All Cybercrime IP Feeds by FireHOL Bunker Guard also blocks traffic from external IP Feeds, mainly related to on-line attacks, on-line service abusemalwaresbotnetscommand and control servers and other cybercrime activities.

Our blocking lists updates each minute,
blocking an average of 850,255,680 IPs

WordPress Security

A hosting that won’t quit

We use Proxmox to isolate our physical infrastructure.
On top of it, the Docker Clusters, with our own Wetopi Orchestrator,
taking care of your WordPress servers.

This all together makes Wetopi an enterprise WordPress hosting
ready to scale and survive to infrastructure and service crashes.

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Includes Free Development Servers – No credit card required

Wetopi’s infrastructure harnesses the power of Docker containers, as used by:

ebay, groupon, ing, nerdalizeshopify, uber, spotify
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