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  • How can I Increase the WordPress Memory Limit

    How can I Increase the WordPress Memory Limit

    In this article, you’ll learn how to increase the WordPress memory limit. When your WordPress page requires more memory than the default allocated memory, you get to see in your logs a message that looks similar to this one:

  • Testing PHP 8 with WordPress

    Testing PHP 8 with WordPress

    The new PHP 8, thanks to its new JIT compilation engine, has revealed a positive impact on performance. And as we know, more speed means that our WordPress website will be able to serve more users and rank better! However, a “Major” version release implies being very careful about incompatibilities. Read more if you want […]

  • PHP 8 WordPress compatibility

    PHP 8 WordPress compatibility

    On November 26, PHP 8 was released to the world. PHP’s latest version offers new features and improvements promising to greatly enhance the security and performance of our WordPress sites. WordPress Core is compatible with PHP 8.0 since its 5.6 release.  But should I upgrade right away? Let’s analyze the main changes and how to […]