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  • How to clone WordPress to create a staging

    How to Clone a WordPress site with wetopi

    I have personally experienced the pain after updating plugins and WordPress core that my website just died. I’m sure you have seen the error 404, 502, 503, 504, unable to connect to the database, CSS file goes missing after an update. Trust me,  I have seen these an uncountable amount of times.  To counterattack this […]

  • change the Domain Name of your WordPress site

    How to change the Domain Name of a WordPress site

    Goal: Change the Domain Name of your wetopi WordPress site.Resources: 5 minutes of your time + 1 wetopi server (signup and get your free developer servers)

  • by Brangulí 1925

    Cloning is not bad, not at all – when we talk about WordPress

    Over the years, medical research and experimentation around clonation have surrounded the term “Clone” with a halo of wickedness. The picture heading this post seems to demonstrate one of these bad practices from the past, but nothing further from reality. In 1925, Brangulí captured the “Artificial Solarium” for infants of unmarried mothers in the “Pabellón […]