Recover a backup from a different site

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This post shows you how to recover a backup from a site different than your current one.
As a WordPress developer, webmaster, or designer, you probably manage multiple WordPress sites. Yes, it makes sense to have a bunch of bootstrapped sites, blueprints, skeletons, and reuse them as a template.

At wetopi you can clone or recover a backup in one site and move it to another location or server (while you are in the same datacenter). But you have a better option, and this one works across different data-centers: you can use the option to recover backups from any of your managed sites. 

Here is a short screencast describing the process:

If you want to follow it step by step, this is the process in text:

  1. Open your account at Wetopi
  2. Go to the site menu tabs and click on “Backup”
  3. On the top right side click on “Recover backups from another site”
  4. Choose the site from the list of available sites.
  5. Choose the backup you want to recover from the list.
  6. The backup will be placed in one of the free servers you have for each site.

The process is very simple, we want to make your experience in our platform efficient and fluent. No waste of time, no complex methodologies to learn. We keep it intuitive for developers.

Got any questions? just reach out to us and ask us anything. We’re available and we will not send you to the FAQ! Above all, we’re human.

We are techies passionate about WordPress. With wetopi, a Managed WordPress Hosting, we want to minimize the friction that every professional faces when working and hosting WordPress projects.

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