• How to clone WordPress to create a staging

    How to Clone a WordPress site with wetopi

    I have personally experienced the pain after updating plugins and WordPress core that my website just died. I’m sure you have seen the error 404, 502, 503, 504, unable to connect to the database, CSS file goes missing after an update. Trust me,  I have seen these an uncountable amount of times.  To counterattack this […]

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  • WordPress Design Workflow

    How to Save Time with a better WordPress design workflow (Part 1 of 3)

    Time to Market is greatly reduced in the deployment of your website when using WordPress and its huge resources ecosystem. But you can not reduce “The Efficiency” to “The tooling”. Tools alone would not improve the Design Workflow. You need a good Workflow design!

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  • Scalable and distributed storage ceph

    Scalable and distributed Storage CEPH

    Wetopi Infrastructure Series Posts Can you imagine an infinitely scalable storage? It’s no longer a dream, it’s a reality!

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  • How to run a Cron Job with WordPress

    Cron is a Linux server service that is typically used to schedule commands or scripts on a web server that runs in the background. A cron job is the task itself, which is used to schedule tasks at periodic fixed dates, times, or intervals. Typically these involve repetitive maintenance tasks that are automated to save […]

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  • Website and Email with Different Providers

    Your Website and Email with Different Providers

    Why You Should Host Your Website and Email with Different Providers Many commercial shared web hosting packages are bundled with email, so why would you even go to the extra bother and expense of setting up your email with a different provider? And why don’t we include free email with our WordPress hosting at Wetopi?

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  • How to disable WordPress cron

    How to disable WordPress cron

    WP-Cron executes specific tasks for WordPress sites.  The name Cron comes from the Unix/Linux service Cron, typically used to schedule commands or scripts. This post shows you how to disable the internal WordPress cron.

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  • Time Management Tips for web developers

    Time Management Tips For Web Developers

    No matter whether we attach a price tag to it or not, time is valuable to all human beings. But statistics revealed that after every 8 minutes, we are interrupted by something.  And if you are a freelance web developer or web designer, then time management is more crucial for you. Just think about it: […]

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  • How to install ioncube loader

    How to install ionCube Loader

    You can install ioncube to protect your php code against copy, ensuring nobody will be able to crack. The ionCube Encoder compiles source code to bytecode being able to obfuscate and encrypt compiled code. Once your PHP application is compiled with ioncube to bytecode, to run it you will have to install the ionCube Loader […]

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  • Brotli Compression for WordPress

    Brotli Compression for WordPress

    Compressing your WordPress site’s files is a great way to shrink your page sizes and speed up your site. For a long time, GZIP compression has been used by web servers to deliver your site content compressed to the browser. Now Brotli is the new player! Learn how to get Brotli Compression for your WordPress.

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