Interviewing (before Bicicleta Studio): Wetopi fans

Now they are, but their essence remains Rosa Suñé and Joan García Codina. They continue to trust the advantages of working with Wetopi and recommend it to all their clients.

Rosa and Jordi from the agency Bicicleta Studio


❝ Using the services of
Wetopi is a
loyalty factor ❞



❝ The usability of the Wetopi panel is smooth and light ❞

rose suñé barniol
Rosa Suñé Barniol from the agency Bicicleta Studio

rose suñé barniol

Co-founder and Multimedia Designer

Jordi Garcia Codina of agency Bicycle Studio

Jordi Garcia Codina

Co-founder and WordPress Developer

Bicycle Studio Agency

Rosa Suñé and Jordi Garcia are co-founders of Bicicleta Studio, an Online WordPress Design and Development Studio, specialized in creating web platforms for membership businesses or Membership Sites.

They are great communicators, their podcastMembership Sites” has more than 300 episodes. Bicicleta Studio recommends Wetopi in their courses and in the development of their projects:

❝ 100% of the websites that
we manage from

Bicicleta Studio are
hosted at Wetopi ❞

W: Good morning, nice talking to you. To begin with, what or who brought you to Wetopi?

BS: uff, that was a long time ago… I’d say it was Joan Boluda ( He recommended you.

W: There are many hosting services. What made you decide to use Wetopi services exclusively?

BS: Wetopi is a “zero problem” WordPress hosting. Everything flows, it gives us peace of mind, it is scalable, reliable and well supported. When there are problems, they are fixed quickly. There are no tickets, you talk to the person who solves the problem for you, period.

W: What is the biggest benefit you see in working with Wetopi?

BS: For us, offering quality service to our clients is a priority. In this sense, the stability of the Wetopi service is a factor that builds customer loyalty.

At Bicicleta Studio we recommend Wetopi hosting to our clients and in fact it is recommended in our “Membership Sites” course, specifically in 5 lessons.

W: How do you see the fact that Wetopi does not offer email and domain management like other hosting services?

BS: It is difficult to make the customer understand that it implies paying for the service separately, but it is more efficient. A website generates many emails and is more controllable with external services such as Google Workspace.

W: what other functionalities would you highlight?

BS: Navigation through the Wetopi platform is fluid and light. We know of no other panel as easy to use as Wetopi’s. Cloning, making backups, recovering previous versions is quick and easy.

W: Wetopi invests half of its resources in security, for us it is something that should not be skimped on. However, it is not highly valued by the end customer, how do you value it in BS?

BS: When there are problems, customers are willing to spend a lot not to have them again.

One particular customer, who was not at Wetopi, had a huge security issue and is now paying a huge sum of money to a provider that guarantees zero issues. Customers pay much more attention to the price, the panel, etc., but when something fails…

W: How do you see Wetopi’s quality/price ratio?

BS: At Bicicleta Studio we seek to offer customer service and if the service is good, price is not a priority. Wetopi has a good value for money.

W: we have planned to introduce a series of extra services for the client, outside of the monthly fee, which can help them improve certain aspects and which will expand our range of services. Do you think it could be interesting for your customers?

BS: our clients perfectly understand that there are extra services that need special attention and they have no problem in paying for them if they do solve a problem.

W: Regarding Bicicleta Studio, what future plans do you have for this year?

BS: We would like to focus on growing the membership part of Membership Sites and Memberships Club, and to offer more specific services.

Here’s to many more years! Thank you Rosa and Jordi.

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