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new WordPress server upgrade

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We are proud to announce a new WordPress containerized server architecture with components and services oriented to maximize resources and speed.

We believe that performance architecture design should go ground up and that’s why we say:

Real performance, not only cache.

Discover how we did it… 

We all have to agree that a good cache system e.g Varnish, makes the website launch faster and smoother for the end user but we as a developer, designer, website builder and WordPress administrator. We need better performance in our WordPress backend! And we are proud to announce that we have finely tuned and improved performance to our SSD storage, memory, CPU and services to boost the response time of the WordPress backend. So no more waiting forever to load into WP-Admin. 🙂

Let’s disclose our new os (alias wepod) improvements.

Table of Contents

Our 3 main changes:

  • Multi-service WordPress containers.
  • Native RBD storage.
  • More than 3x speed improvement in WordPress server relocation.
Previous WordPress serverNew WordPress serverBenefit
Single service containers network connectedMultiservice containers using socket connectionsMore speed and better memory distribution
Mixed RBD Object storage for Database + Network File SystemFull RADOS Block Device Storage.20% increase in speed.
Standard volume mountsOptimized Volume mounts with noatime (No-Access-Time updates) and MMP (Multiple Mount Protection)Increase in speed and efficiency in protection controls
The wp-cron.php file runs with every single page loadThe wp-cron.php only runs when fired by external “cron” task runnerincrease in speed and resource consumption
Network connection between nginx, php-fpm and mariadbSocket connection between nginx, php-fpm and mariadbincrease in speed
Wetopi own auto healing orchestrator.Full native docker service orchestrator.3x speed improvement in service relocation.

This is a massive improvement in performance and availability compared to our previous wetopi image releases

The screenshot below depicts the TTFB (Time To First Byte) of the main index.php page before and after the server upgrade:

Impressive 52% increase in WordPress speed during the page loading phase

The good news

The good news is: Our current and new customers can enjoy the new performance servers now!.

With wetopi, we are your SysdAdmin and devOps team. You can take this advantage that your servers are running on a fully managed platform.

At wetopi, we are constantly working hard to provide our customers with top of the class WordPress site performance and close to your heart customer service. Let’s continue to learn more about our server management and release techniques.

Wetopi servers are fully managed servers.

We conduct server releases, upgrades, performance, availability, monitoring and security periodically.

We are your DevOps

Wetopi as your DevOps team not only releases upgrades to add software security patches and improve performance but also add new features to your server base services (service in charge of managing your WordPress: mariadb, php-fpm, nginx, sftp, smtp).

We release upgrades with near zero downtime.

One of the most impressive aspects of our architecture is the ability to perform release upgrades with practically zero downtime.

Our dockers based infrastructure allows us to upgrade your system in matter of seconds. Utilising the minimal time required to stop and start your server services.

Rolling updates with rollback

During an upgrade, the scheduler performs health checks waiting a few seconds for the stabilization of the service.

If services fails, the scheduler performs a fully automated rollback so your server reverts its state to its previous configuration and service versions.

Minimizing the version incompatibilities

WordPress, when combined with non-core themes and plugins which has strong dependencies to PHP or MySQL services, has a high risk of incompatibility issues.

To minimize the risk of this incompatibility, we release upgrades in separate lines of service versions. You can identify each of those lines, in your wetopi panel, by its PHP main version: PHP-fpm-5.6 PHP-fpm-7.1 PHP-fpm-7.2

Safely, in your own playground environment

You can, at any time, clone your server. Then in this “playground” server you can safely switch from one version to another to test the compatibility.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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