We interviewed the Limbic agency

LIMBIC AGENCY B2B international marketing

Limbic Agency founders
Limbic founders, Anna Casas and Toni López


❝ if I had to highlight
a specific advantage,
it would be the support ❞

Limbic founder Anna

ANNA Casas


❝ very important!!
with Wetopi we have servers

optimized for WordPress ❞

Limbic founder Toni


Limbic B2B international marketing
Limbic B2B international marketing

Anna Casas and Toni López are the founding partners and Managers of Limbic, a B2B Digital Marketing company that accompanies its clients, usually based locally, in their internationalization strategies.

They have been with Wetopi since practically the beginning of its creation in 2015 and now they already manage more than 70 websites with us.

❝ We prefer all websites to be on Wetopi ❞

They work both for institutions and for companies that already have a strong presence. They are trainers at Acció (Agència per a la Competitivitat de l’Empresa) and carry out comprehensive strategies that range from the creation of the brand, the development and management of the web, integrations with CRM and ERP, definition and execution of the Marketing.

W: After many days, we finally managed to all sit down to chat! You seem to have a lot of work.

L: The truth is that yes, we have a lot of work these days.

W: You give a very qualified service, how many people make up your team?

L: Between employees and externals, we manage a team that can reach 20 people.

W: You guys have been at Wetopi for a lot of years. What is it that hooks you?

L: There are several things, but if I had to highlight one in particular, it would be the support. When you have a problem, someone is right away and it is solved quickly and effectively.

W: Do you have more than 70 sites on Wetopi?

L: Yes, although some clients who have powerful IT departments, by internal policy, prefer to have them hosted on their servers. They are not usually experts in WordPress specifically and that, the truth, is that it usually brings us inconveniences and additional workload. It is an organizational issue for companies, but we prefer that they all be in Wetopi.

W: What other functions do you value in Wetopi?

L: for us it is very positive: not having to maintain servers; the specialization in WordPress; being able to choose the version of PHP (in other hosts they force you to work with a specific version) and that HTTPS can be enabled in such a simple way.

W: And you have also gone through several “major releases” of the Operating Systems of the servers without realizing it,… it is a functionality that we are proud of at Wetopi, since it is something that gives a lot of work and involves migrations between servers in most Hosting.

L: Oh… yes? (laughs)

W: (laughs)

W: You also create content for clients. How do you put it?

L: The learning process is very long. We recommend our clients to create monthly content, ideally 2-3 per month of between 600-1000 words.

We also do Press Releases. The natural exchange of posts has fallen. Now everything is paid.

W: Do you have any improvement proposals for Wetopi?

L: It would be a good idea to improve the message on the screen when the server is being maintained and put something more personalized so that the client is located and knows that everything is under control.

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