Building a competitive hosting Infrastructure

Building a competitive hosting Infrastructure

Wetopi Infrastructure Series Posts

In this “Series Posts, we are going to unveil one of our strengths, our Infrastructure. The real purpose is to educate and make loud and clear that not only it’s possible to start small and adopt the best standards and best practices but to take advantage of our size and do it faster than big corporations.

Wetopi was born in 2015. At that time, we were a “development agency” with ten years of experience in web development and a decent base of clients with web hosting maintenance services. A confluence of facts, mainly the WordPress market dominance and our increasing WordPress maintenance “burden”, made us pivot and focus our efforts in this emerging “WordPress Managed Hosting” niche.

Jumping into the Red Ocean

We were jumping into The Perfect Red Ocean. An ocean crowded with hosting companies of all sizes and ruled by a few huge ones. Huge companies with more than 20 years in the market and thousands of employees. A market where most of the companies provided the same:  Shared, Dedicated or Virtual server (with or without this multipurpose admin panel we all have in mind).

Despite this, there were a few factors that made us see a “Blue Ocean” in this Sea of Red:

  • An evident non-stop WordPress CMS dominance.
  • A security problem (a main concern in the WordPress Community).
  • A management burden that automation could reduce.
  • The perfect “tooling”. In 2013 Docker made a giant push forward in the container virtualization model shaking the entire industry.

And these factors made us swim with Wetopi into the Blue Waters of this emerging WordPress Managed Hosting:

Wetopi is a Performant and Secure WordPress Managed Hosting with a topnotch WordPress specialized support.

Ok, you could think, this is not super new. You are not the first in this Blue Ocean. Right, but:

We put your WordPress in a managed server, for the money you pay a Shared Hosting.

How can this be possible?

The answer is,

Specialization combined with our own infrastructure.

Our advanced hosting infrastructure

In this competitive crowded “Red Ocean”, most hosting companies start the same way: An ISP you-name-it-Panel license and a bunch of leased servers filled with WordPress sites. And, of course, a team of sysadmins managing thousands of users per server.

But this has a huge impact: performance, maintenance-flexibility, scalability, and licenses (money). When you install a “Multipurpose Panel” (cPanel, Plesk), you are adding a layer of complexity (a thick layer of complexity) and a heavy load with important impact in your server resources.

This wasn’t aligned with our goals! We don’t want this!

This is what we want

We want you to get real server performance, not only when using cache. The Cache is good when we can serve prebuilt pages to the end-user, but this is not the case when editing content, serving e-commerce checkout pages, tailoring the user content in membership sites, etc …

We want you to get peace of mind, with an auto-healing infrastructure. A place where service failures get instantly solved without human intervention.

We want you to get continuous maintenance. If we work in the maintenance of your server, you don’t even have to notice. We do this by maximizing the abstraction between layers (more below) and services. 

We want you to scale up and down without disruptions. That’s why one of our goals is to build on top of infrastructure ready to scale. We are not satisfied with the industry infrastructure old-scale style: buy a host, fill it up, if exhausted, then migrate or buy another host.

We want to isolate resources and scale when needed, where needed and instantly. And this can be done isolating each site in a dedicated virtual server.

And we want you to get all this at an affordable price. A price that, from the freelance and agency perspective, doesn’t impact your current client contracts.

Our infrastructure Strategy

Our goals in a single value proposition are:

We want you to get the experience of a fully dedicated managed server for each of your WordPress sites for the price of a Shared-hosting. 

To do this we have spent our main effort in the design of an extremely lean Private Cloud company:

  • A cloud that replicates the infrastructure of the big players.
  • In house panel: we have our own end-user and admin hosting panel.
  • In house PaaS/SaaS services: we developed our firewall “bunker guard”, our storage drivers, our invoicing system, payment processors, etc.

At wetopi, we want to minimize the friction that every professional face when working and hosting WordPress projects.

In short, we are just techies passionate about WordPress. With wetopi, a specialized WordPress hosting, we want to go further to offer professionals and agencies a platform to work efficiently and effectively.

Not a wetopi user?

Try now – you’ll find an efficient way to work with WordPress

Free full performance servers for your development and test.
No credit card required.

Wetopi Infrastructure Series Posts

  • Building a competitive hosting Infrastructure
  • Wetopi infrastructure Layers design. 
  • Private cloud- VMs Host orchestration (abstraction from the bare-metal hosts)
  • Scalable and distributed Storage. (CEPH)
  • L4/L7 Load Balancing
  • Node and Service discovery.
  • Elasticsearch everywhere.
  • Advanced auto-filling WAF (firewall)
  • Domain Design Driven and Microservices Architecture.
  • CI/CD (Continuous Integration And Delivery system) our peace of mind

Joan VegaBuilding a competitive hosting Infrastructure
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