Brotli Compression for WordPress

Compressing your WordPress site’s files is a great way to shrink your page sizes and speed up your site. For a long time, GZIP compression has been used by web servers to deliver your site content compressed to the browser. Now Brotli is the new player!

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Joan VegaBrotli Compression for WordPress

WordPress screams on PHP7

First PHP7 version was released in Dec 2015. This was the most important development in PHP since 2004 and one of its main benefits was its huge impact on performance. Now available for all Wetopi clients on this non stop -performance race- PHP7.2 arrives with more speed and security improvements.

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Joan VegaWordPress screams on PHP7

Why is WordPress so slow? The path to a fast WordPress site

The effective path to a fast WordPress site and to begin working with our own

For those familiar with photography, when adjusting the shutter speed, we just have two dials to play with: the ISO dial and the aperture ring. But setting up a fast WordPress site is a completely different story,

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Marc BarrobésWhy is WordPress so slow? The path to a fast WordPress site