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    Why is WordPress so slow? The path to a fast WordPress site

    For those familiar with photography, when adjusting the shutter speed, we just have two dials to play with: the ISO dial and the aperture ring. But setting up a fast WordPress site is a completely different story, it is more complicated, you have lots of speed knobs and not all those parameters are so easy to adjust.

  • 5 Ways a Slow Website Can Impact Your Business

    5 Ways a Slow WordPress Website Can Impact Your Business

    A Slow Website Loading Is Bad For Your Business – Here’s why WordPress should be loading fast. In this age of instant gratification, speeding up your WordPress site is a crucial factor for customer satisfaction. Google recently stated that an optimal page loading time was under 2 seconds, but they also pointed out that they […]

  • Knowledge Base

    PHP7 WordPress compatibility

    Goal: Test the PHP7 compatibility of your WordPress Site without troubling production. Resources: 1 minute of your time + 1 wetopi server. (sign up and get your free development server) The new PHP 7 revealed a huge impact on performance.And as we know, more speed, and less memory used means our WordPress site will be able […]

  • Brotli Compression for WordPress

    Brotli Compression for WordPress

    Compressing your WordPress site’s files is a great way to shrink your page sizes and speed up your site. For a long time, GZIP compression has been used by web servers to deliver your site content compressed to the browser. Now Brotli is the new player! Learn how to get Brotli Compression for your WordPress.

  • Improve WordPress site Speed with Cloudflare

    Improve WordPress with Cloudflare

    Yes, WordPress with Cloudflare is a great combination. It help you to improve your WordPress site speed and security! Over the last few years, Cloudflare’s popularity as a DNS (Domain Name Servers) company has grown. But in addition to their DNS activity, they provide services like DDoS attack protection, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Firewalls, WordPress […]

  • WordPress Screams on PHP7

    WordPress screams on PHP7

    First PHP7 version was released in Dec 2015. This was the most important development in PHP since 2004 and one of its main benefits was its huge impact on performance. Now available for all Wetopi clients on this non stop -performance race- PHP7.4 arrives with more speed and security improvements.

  • More performance for WordPress

    More performance than expected!

    On this post, we’ll expose you to the latest wetopi platform changes, but before that, let’s start with one of our most significant updates. It has been six months since our last WordPress server design upgrade, and we were observing the performance results from our customers. We have concluded to make a small change in […]

  • More speed with TLS 1.3

    Better WordPress performance and security with TLS 1.3

    TLS 1.3 is the fourth version of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) version. This new version offers significant improvements over both the performance and security of earlier TLS versions, and

  • new WordPress server upgrade

    Ready to skyrocket with our new WordPress server upgrade?

    We are proud to announce a new WordPress containerized server architecture with components and services oriented to maximize resources and speed. We believe that performance architecture design should go ground up and that’s why we say: