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  • Sharing WordPress with other users

    Share your WordPress site with other users

    Goal: Share your WordPress servers access with other users.Resources: 30 seconds of your time + 1 wetopi server. (sign up and get your free development server) A collaborator user in Wetopi is someone who has access to your site with their own login credentials. This is a great feature for granting access to freelancers and […]

  • Pick the right WordPress hosting for resellers

    Top 5 criteria required to be the Best WordPress Hosting Provider

    If you have arrived at this post, it is because as a freelance professional or an agency, you have undoubtedly realised that choosing the Best WordPress Hosting Provider for your clients is a daunting task. In this post, we will focus on the criteria to take into account to find the Best WordPress Hosting Provider […]

  • Scalable and distributed storage ceph

    Scalable and distributed Storage CEPH

    Wetopi Infrastructure Series Posts Can you imagine an infinitely scalable storage? It’s no longer a dream, it’s a reality!

  • Website and Email with Different Providers

    Your Website and Email with Different Providers

    Why You Should Host Your Website and Email with Different Providers Many commercial shared web hosting packages are bundled with email, so why would you even go to the extra bother and expense of setting up your email with a different provider? And why don’t we include free email with our WordPress hosting at Wetopi?

  • Hosting company Eco-friendly

    Is My Web Hosting Company Eco-friendly?

    How sustainable is the internet that we use, or more particularly, how environmentally sustainable is my web hosting company? Before answering this question, let’s look at the situation in the IT sector when it comes to efficient energy use.

  • What is a Managed WordPress Hosting

    WordPress-based sites represent 46% of the total number of sites worldwide. With this success, the number of web hosting offers is also increasing. Almost every hosting you can find claims to provide WordPress Hosting. But WordPress hosting offers don’t usually deliver what they promise. We explain here what you need to consider when choosing a […]

  • Wetopi infrastructure Series

    Building a competitive hosting Infrastructure

    Building a competitive hosting Infrastructure Wetopi Infrastructure Series Posts In this “Series Posts, we are going to unveil one of our strengths, our Infrastructure. The real purpose is to educate and make loud and clear that not only it’s possible to start small and adopt the best standards and best practices but to take advantage […]

  • More performance for WordPress

    More performance than expected!

    On this post, we’ll expose you to the latest wetopi platform changes, but before that, let’s start with one of our most significant updates. It has been six months since our last WordPress server design upgrade, and we were observing the performance results from our customers. We have concluded to make a small change in […]