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  • Restore WordPress from Backup (No WordPress Plugin needed)

    Goal: Discover how to restore WordPress from a backup, preview the backup without troubling your production site and finally moving it to production. Resources: 1 minute of your time + 1 wetopi server. (sign up and get your free development server)

  • A good WordPress Backup Strategy will make you happier

    A good WordPress Backup Strategy will make you happier

    Why Do I Need A Backup Strategy? Sure, you might be able to get by without a backup strategy for your WordPress site, until you can’t. Nobody expects things to go wrong, especially if they haven’t had it happen before. Things do go wrong, though, and you need to be prepared, unless, of course, you […]

  • Security for WordPress

    Security for WordPress

    Security for WordPress is more necessary than ever. According to w3techs, WordPress already accounts for 65% of the managed websites market share. And this large volume of WordPress installations, for malicious users tracking with robots, means a very profitable business.  But don’t get scared! It’s not that hard to have a good level of security for WordPress. […]

  • Recover a backup from a different site

    This post shows you how to recover a backup from a site different than your current one.As a WordPress developer, webmaster, or designer, you probably manage multiple WordPress sites. Yes, it makes sense to have a bunch of bootstrapped sites, blueprints, skeletons, and reuse them as a template.