SiteGround alternative

SiteGround is one of the most popular and highest rated hosting providers in the WordPress community, but:

You get 26 additional benefits by choosing Wetopi.

Hosting alternative

1 Each site on an independent server

Each WordPress install on a VPS-like machine ensuring its resources that no one can bog down.


1 Shared servers

With SiteGround your site shares the server resources and security with other customer projects.

2 Modern clusterized architecture

Your WordPress gets its own resources and isolation by running on its own containerized VPS floating in a clustered infrastructure.

2 Traditional architecture

SiteGround shared hosting server infrastructure gets virtualized using LXC and cPanel software.

3 Auto-scaling infrastructure

Your containerized WordPress server can scale-up or down to allocate resources. With a single click and NO additional hidden costs. You scale up for 1h, you only pay for 1h.

3 No Scaling

When you need more server power at SiteGround you may have to migrate from a shared environment to a cloud hosting

4 Unlimited Visits

You get a server with its own resources. If you make a balanced combination of plugins or enable caching you can surpass by far our suggested number of visits.

4 Limited usage of resources

With SiteGround you get a number of CPU seconds per account. If you surpass this limit, your site goes downmore info and list of SiteGround limitations

5 Auto-healing

If your server goes down, the auto-healing assigns a new clean machine to your WordPress

You get INSTANT solution to server failures.

5 Manual server fixing

You get Manual response to server failures. If server fails, the support team is responsible for solving the problem manually.

6 Network redundancy

Like big websites, you get 2 IP addresses pointing to your site. If an external accident, hack, attack, blacklist, etc. blocks one IP route, browsers silently jump to the second. (more info)

6 Single network access

With SiteGround, if your IP address gets blocked, your site gets inaccessible.

7 Top-notch worldwide latency

When serving pages without a CDN service, it’s essential to get a performant network infrastructure.

Wetopi results, from independent SUCURI performance test:

wordpress performance

7 Less performant network latency

Siteground networking infrastructure has a higher latency.

This forces you to choose a data center close to your audience and when serving worldwide, to add a CDN network service.

8 Daily malware scanner

All plans, including our Free development servers, have our daily malware scanner service.

At wetopi, more security never will be an option.

8 Daily malware scanner is an extra

“SG Site Scanner” is an extra service. You pay 36.00 €/year


9 External WAF in all plans

You don’t need to bog down your server resources with Firewall plugins trying to clean and protect your traffic.

An array of load balanced Web Application Firewalls witness WordPress traffic across our entire network of customers.

Those learnings are inherited automatically by all of our customers.


9 No external dedicated WAF

SiteGround uses Apache ModSecurity module as a Web Application Firewall. Rules must be relaxed in order to work well with all variety of customer applications (more info).

10 Blacklisting non legit traffic

With our wetopi blacklisting firewalls you get more speed and less waste of resources.

Our blocking lists updates each minute, blocking an average of 850,255,680 IPs.

These blacklists are mostly related to attacks, online services abusivemalwarebotnetsintrusion of servers and other activities related to cybercrime.

10 No traffic filtering

With Siteground you waste your limited resources by accepting non legit traffic.

11 No hidden costs

Price transparency.

No hidden small text. No commitments.

11 Non-transparent pricing

The Siteground Special price require an annual purchase paid in advance!

Furthermore, special prices are applicable only for your first invoice!

12 FREE development servers

You get FREE full performance development servers: same performance experience as with paid servers.

Once you finish a development, you can publish and transfer billing to your customer in seconds.

12 No Free Trial, no development servers

When you build a site, you either develop in a localhost environment or in a shared hosting account. Once you have completed the development, you have to spend time migrating to your customer’s account.

Start with our Free development servers – No credit card required

13 Staging Included

Staging Included in all accounts, even on FREE development plans.

When you create a site, you get 3 server slots. –1 for your production and –2 additional servers you can use for your staging environment.

13 Staging only on expensive plans

With SiteGround you get staging environments Starting from GrowBig (22.99 €/mo.)

Caution: You must have enough room. Staging sites consume your storage and CPU resources.

14 FAST staging cloning

Your clones are full server replicas. You get a rapid cloning thanks to modern snapshot storage techniques (more info).

14 SLOW and complex staging creation

SiteGround creates your staging clones in the same server via resource intensive filesystem copy/rsync processes. The process involves a few steps and takes time (online manual)

15 WordPress Multisite staging

You create a replica of your WordPress Multisite in a full server replica with its own development domain.

15 No WordPress Multisite staging

With SiteGround you can not have a staging environment for your WordPress Multisite.

16 Snapshot, incremental In-house and external backups

When you back up, wetopi creates a super fast snapshot, then it builds an in-house (off-site) incremental backup. Finally this same in-house backup syncs to Amazon S3.

16 No snapshots, no external backups

With SiteGround backups are stored in-house (off-site).

To have the security of and external backup, you have to overload your WordPress with a plugin to store backups on storage services like: Amazon S3 or Dropbox.

17 Unlimited on-demand backup

You’ll feel safe because you can backup as many times as you need with a single click.

We include backup features in our FREE development servers as well.

17 On-demand backup only on GrowBig

With SiteGround you get on-demand backups on GrowBig (22.99 €/mo.) or superior plans.

18 Backup restores Included in all plans

You can restore any backup with a simple click.

We include backup restore features in our FREE development servers as well.

18  Backup Restore not included in basic plans

With SiteGround you pay $19.95/17.95€ per restore on StartUp plan.

19 Backup Previews

Feel safe and preview the content of your backups before sending changes to production.

You always restore backups on a new server. If you like it, with a single click, it goes to production. When you buy a plan you get 3 server slots. 1 for your production and 2 additional staging servers you can use for backup restores.

19 No Backup Preview

Be careful when you restore a backup, with SiteGround you are replacing your production server content.


20 “Free from Hack” Guarantee

With our “Free from Hack Guarantee” at Wetopi, we are committed to solving any security problem free of charge and immediately.

“Free from Hack Guarantee” guarantee is included in all servers of “Medium” size or higher.

More info in our Terms of service


20 No Free Hack Fixes

No guarantee, no malware cleanup service.

21 Dual Uptime monitoring

Your server services have a 10 secs heartbeat. If something fails the auto-healing orchestrator rebuilds your virtual server and moves it to a safe and functional place. In seconds!

second WordPress heartbeat verifies your WordPress site. When something fails, our monitoring team gets an alert.

21 No WordPress site monitoring

No WordPress site monitoring, only host services monitoring.

22  Manage all of your sites with one login

All the sites you own and the ones you collaborate on are available to you in one easy-to-use dashboard panel.

Manage sites from different accounts

22 No multi-account management.

You don’t have access to your customer’s or collaborator’s server accounts.

23 Build a team of collaborators

Add teammates and clients as collaborators, and they’ll get full access to manage the site, update files, and manage the database.

23 No account collaboration

Manage your team with the clunkiness of passwords sharing and storing and losing and recovering…

24 WordPress Single-Sign-On

You and your collaborators don’t have to deal with WordPress login details and passwords.

Your wetopi credentials grants access to all your sites.

24 No WordPress SSO

If you want to save time managing your customer sites from one account, you need an external service.

25 Restricted access without passwords

Do it fast. Restrict the access to your WordPress sites with a Single click and Zero plugins.

Free development servers with restricted access

Say goodbye to usernames and passwords, and you get a shareable link to let anyone access the site.

25 No WordPress restricted access

You have to install and configure an additional WordPress plugin.

26 Easy server log access

If something goes wrong i.e. appears the White Screen of Death.
You can instantly open a searchable log window and find the php error: view this video

26 Non-easy log access

With SiteGround, first you have to enable error reporting, and then check your logs via SSH, FTP, or the File Manager.

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