Roadmap 2017-11

With this November publication, we create a new category: The Roadmap. The goal is to report on the progress of our Wetopi platform: new features, changes, updates, …

This November new infrastructure

Although it a point in our roadmap we at Wetopi consider it a whole turning point. We took a year (in the shade) modeling and perfecting our “scalable” infrastructure model. And this month, it’s no longer the privilege for a segment of users it will be available for all users.

Physically it is a clustered server infrastructure that we call “Zone B” located in Gravlines – France, next to our current “Zone A”.

The big change lies in its design. A Scalable and Self-Healing Infrastructure. This new infrastructure is able to:

  • Scale without compromising performance.
  • Survive any incidence of hardware.
  • Ability to auto recover services “Self-Healing”

Soon we will publish a technical post with all the details. Meanwhile here you can read the foundations of our technology.

Transit from “demo” to “development site”

We want to help you as professional providing the right tools so you can work more efficiently with WordPress. The first step we will take in this regard is to promote the use of the term “development site”. We want to stop calling them demo or trials.

It is not only a name change.

More time to develop without having to pay.

Development sites currently have a limited lifespan of 15 days. This limitation helps us to safeguard our infrastructure resources while new users can try wetopi and current customers develop sites without having to pay.

We want to give more value to the developer. Our proposal is to qualify the users and manage different tiers.

This is our first approx:

Niveles de usuario en Wetopi

The final details may change, but the goal is to provide resources based on to the user’s commitment.

The Pay Per Use becomes less important.

We have compiled a list of reasons why “we do not like the pay per use”:

  • After the appearance in early 2017 of the “free development site”, It is no longer necessary pay for demos, test or development servers. Now It’s free.
  • Creates friction. The PPU is unusual in the Hosting market. Most users do not see the advantages and ask for help at support (or leave due to confusion).
  • The fixed fee subscription or Plans are almost PPU. When we cancel a Plan, we pay only the hours of use. It’s like having pay per use.
  • Price should not be the problem. Ok, a month of a single server costs less than the Plan!. It’s the only reason. We want to solve this adding more value to the Plans, e.g. we will extend the cycle of backups to 30 days and incorporate new benefits such as snapshots.

What will happen to my sites in PPU?

Don’t worry, you can continue in PPU… It’s our task to make the Plans interesting enough to convince you ;)

Roadmap 2017-11
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