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  • Will inequality in gender in the IT sector grow?

    Will inequality in gender in the IT sector grow?

    If women inequality faced difficult times in IT companies before 2019, the Pandemic has broadened the gender gap even more for women working in Technological companies. A the heart of it, we find the low interest of the system in directing young female students to technical or science careers.

  • What is a Managed WordPress Hosting

    What is a Managed WordPress Hosting

    WordPress-based sites represent 46% of the total number of sites worldwide. With this success, the number of web hosting offers is also increasing. Almost every hosting you can find claims to provide WordPress Hosting. But WordPress hosting offers don’t usually deliver what they promise. We explain here what you need to consider when choosing a […]

  • PHP 8 WordPress compatibility

    PHP 8 WordPress compatibility

    On November 26, PHP 8 was released to the world. PHP’s latest version offers new features and improvements promising to greatly enhance the security and performance of our WordPress sites. WordPress Core is compatible with PHP 8.0 since its 5.6 release.  But should I upgrade right away? Let’s analyze the main changes and how to […]

  • How to use SVG in WordPress?

    How to use SVG in WordPress?

    In this post, we want to show you when and how to use SVG in WordPress. SVG files, or Scalable Vector Graphic files, are popular among users for being vector-based. That is, they do not lose quality when scaling or zooming. They are smaller in size than an equivalent PNG or GIF. But, by default, […]

  • WordPress and REST API

    WordPress and REST API

    Most of the past updates have been relatively minor and for many of us, There have not been much impact on us. WordPress 5.0 is different. Rather than adding minor improvements here and there, this release focuses entirely on two things:

  • Disable WordPress XMLRPC

    Disable WordPress XMLRPC

    In this post we analyze precisely the “when” and “why” to disable XMLRPC and how to do it efficiently. Remote access to WordPress using XMLRPC has been made easy for many years. Sending HTTP requests to xmlrpc.php allows you to send commands to WordPress and manage its content without login into the desktop. However, XMLRPC […]

  • 8 Familiar SEO Flaws You Must Fend Off In eCommerce Websites

    8 Familiar SEO Flaws You Must Fend Off In eCommerce Websites

    Marketing for eCommerce isn’t restricted to social media or PPC only. It will help if we go with SEO and SEM strategies both. About 70 to 80 percent of users ignore sponsored ads on Google. So, if you can rank high using SEO strategies, there are more chances to get users attracted to your products.

  • Security for WordPress

    Security for WordPress

    Security for WordPress is more necessary than ever. According to w3techs, WordPress already accounts for 65% of the managed websites market share. And this large volume of WordPress installations, for malicious users tracking with robots, means a very profitable business.  But don’t get scared! It’s not that hard to have a good level of security for WordPress. […]

  • 5 Steps for Securing Your Ecommerce Website

    5 Steps for Securing Your Ecommerce Website

    The e-commerce industry offers an incredible opportunity for profit. Driven by internet infrastructure, smartphone technology, and the still-ongoing mass migration from traditional retail, it becomes more valuable with each passing year: global revenue is expected to surpass $4 billion in 2020. It’s no surprise that opening an e-commerce store has become the go-to move of […]

  • Native Nginx Redirects and more

    Native Nginx Redirects and more

    This post will cover what’s new in wetopi. This past 3 months we have introduced a few Wetopi panel features: a native nginx redirect manager; the one-click backup downloads, the new php7.4 engine and the new “Reload” server option to let you restart php-fpm and nginx services.